A Gift – Two of My Favourite Screenwriting Blogs

So I feel like I left you guys out to dry with my last blog.  No warning or anyway to anticipate that I was slowing down on  the number of posts. I’m sorry! Here is a gift to give you something to read while I’m gone: two of my favourite screenwriting blogs.

1. Go Into The Story

Go Into The Story is the official blog of The Black List. This relationship is why this blog is so valuable.

Confused Justin Timberlake

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Confused? Context: The Black List is a list (shocking) of the best unproduced screenplays in Hollywood. Many scripts for some great films started on The Black List, including The Social Network and The Intimidation Game. This list is complied by surveying about 500 development executives on the best scripts they have read in the previous year.

Having this extensive list (see what I did there?) of contacts gives The Black List some incredible insight into why certain scripts are made into films. Scott Myers shares those details in his blog posts. So if you are looking to sell your script and the business side of Hollywood this blog is for you.

2. Flying Wrestler

If the first blog was all about the business of screenwriting, Flying Wrestler specializes in helping you craft the perfect script. It’s written by a Emmy and Golden Globe award winner, so you can be assured that he knows his stuff. All his posts are easy reads, mostly consisting of lists (like this one).

That was easy shrug

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That’s it! I hope you enjoy reading those blogs until I return.

Until Next Time,

Mr. Struggle



A Gift – Two of My Favourite Screenwriting Blogs

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