Saying Goodbye…For Now

I just realized that this is my 10th blog post. Starting this journey, I was unsure if I could keep to my schedule and get 10 posts up by the end of March. You read that right, it’s a:


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Anyway, I’m proud of this accomplishment, but it has come with some sacrifices. I have been so busy writing blog posts that I stopped writing screenplays.

Picard face palm

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It’s true. There is only so many hours in the day, making it difficult to write both my blog posts and scripts. So I need to make a decision. Just like my decision to burn my hammer pants, this choice was easy: I need to spend more time writing screenplays. That means I need to slow down on the blog posts.

Don’t worry! Posts will still be posted, but they are just going to come less frequently. Hopefully, this change in pace will refresh my blog and make the content better than ever.

So this isn’t goodbye, but farewell for now. I’ll see you all later.

Happy writing, fellow writers!

Until next time,

Mr. Struggle



Saying Goodbye…For Now

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