Live-Tweeting the Oscars

The glitz, glamour and GOLD of the Oscars is tomorrow night (start time is 8:30 pm EST). To celebrate, I’ll be live-tweeting the night’s events. Get excited like Danny B:

Danny Boyle Jumps

GIF Source

As someone who’s fashion-sense never left hammer pants, I don’t feel well-suited (gotta love puns) to comment on the red carpet. With that said, I do know movies! So expect witty banter, intrigue and shock as the actual award ceremony unfolds.

Follow my Twitter to watch in real time and use #StruggleOscars to join the conversation.

Once its all done, I’ll have a complete Storify of the night’s events! Enjoy and let the best (campaigned) movie win!

EDIT: Here is my updated Storify story:

See you tomorrow,


Live-Tweeting the Oscars

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